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Dahmahlee Lawrence

Project Architect

Dahmahlee Lawrence is a registered architect practicing in New York and Texas. Throughout her career, Dahmahlee has worked on various project typologies. Ranging from high-end fitness/wellness centers; educational facilities; broadcast journalism studios; workplace tenant fit-outs’; affordable housing and luxury condominiums. Dahmahlee believes that the architects must design for all members of society, regardless of socioeconomic backgrounds. While many in the design community are well aware of the quotes of various architects the one that stands out the most with Dahmahlee is from Charles Eames, “The details are not the details. They make the design.” As an architect, she has channeled her career towards the technical aspect of drawing, detailing, and construction administration to facilitate and execute the design. This comes from her understanding and belief that an unambiguous and well-executed design can be the most powerful way to impact the user and the environment. Dahmahlee believes in providing ongoing mentorship to her peers, regardless of their background; while she continues to be mentored by those who are further along in their career. She is an avid believer that your education does not stop with the earning of a degree. Dahmahlee holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and a Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University.


Dallas, TX



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