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Jordan Rhodes


Originally from Toledo, Ohio, I am a practicing architect with a background in interior design. I am a graduate of the UNC Charlotte with a Master of Architecture and have an undergraduate degree in Interior Design from IUPUI. For me, Architecture is the happy place where both the left side and right side of my brain can live up to their full potential. I want to explore the best ways to use the combination of program, form, and site context to create a pleasant environment; spaces that will shape people’s lives and experiences every day for the better. I believe that diversity in architecture has always been important, but it’s even more important now in the context of environmental change and global inequity. Architecture has the power not only to alter our physical landscape but also our social landscape by providing safe spaces for all people, regardless of their race, religion, ability, or sexual orientation. This goal becomes easier to obtain as we continue to add more diverse architects to the ranks of the licensed, especially women and people of color. It is with this intention; I serve as the professional development chair for BMORE NOMA. I would also describe myself as Technopath, GSD lover, Avid traveler and U-M Football enthusiast.


Baltimore, MD


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