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Patricia Rice

Healthcare Design Consultant

Patricia Rice-Spivey is a Healthcare Practice Leader. Patricia has held the American College of Healthcare Architects Certification (ACHA) indicating she is an experienced independently certified healthcare architecture specialist. Patricia’s responsibilities have included overseeing existing and new projects, acquiring new clients and nurturing professional relationships as well as overseeing marketing activities. Patricia investigates innovative ways to drive performance in the design and construction of medical facilities, incorporating her extensive knowledge of healthcare to develop design solutions that enhance the patient experience. She uses these methodologies to create extraordinary healthcare outcomes. With a B.A. in Social/Psychology from UCLA and a BArch in Architecture from the Univ. of Miami, FL, she passionately believes the built environment is meant to be designed to positively influence the way people think and feel. Patricia enjoys playing racquetball, pickleball, teaching horseback riding to disabled students, spending time with family and intends to travel to as many parts of Planet Earth as she can.


Fort Myers, Florida



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