Tasanee Durrett

Architect and VDC Engineer

Tasanee Durrett is founder of H.E.A.L and Visories, an architectural designer, and artist.

She founded H.E.A.L while completing her Bachelors of Architecture degree in 2017. H.E.A.L is a pro-bono architectural design organization centered around humanitarian based design. The organization provides design ideas for organizations recreating and improving upon developing communities.

Possessing a broad professional skill set in areas of expertise including residential, urban, and mixed-use design projects, Tasanee has proven herself as an Architectural Designer providing invaluable assistance throughout all project phases from initialization through delivery. Her experience in the design-build realm has provided opportunities to understand both the design and construction aspects of the built environment, influencing who she is as a designer.

As a founder of Visories, Tasanee creates visual stories that shed light on phenomena and events that aren’t typically looked upon among the creative community.

Tasanee currently resides in Orlando by way of Chicago and holds a B.Arch from the University of Arizona.


Altamonte Springs, FL


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