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Tiffany Millner


A registered architect since 2009, Millner is also a wife, mother, artist, author, director, graphic designer and manager of 5-piece a multi-genre band. She graduated Temple University with a Bachelor of Architecture in 2001 and has since been on a mission to use her super powers to bring order to chaos. After serving as project manager and architectural designer at JKRP Architects LLC, and VITETTA, Millner founded the design consultancy AUX Collective, LLC, in 2010. She currently devotes her energy as a consultant in various professional capacities including – architectural & graphic design, website development, community engagement and photography services, with a focus on non-profits and artist development. Tiffany actively participates in discourse about diversity and inclusion, moderating AIA diversity discussions and publishing articles on the topics of women and minorities in the design industry. As the 233rd Black female architect, she published the book 200something to share her journey of navigating the architectural profession. She has participated in the ACE Mentor Program since 2007 as a volunteer, team leader, and served on the several support committees. She has also participated as a mentor in the AIA’s Architecture in Education program. Millner also served on the AIA’s National Diversity Council from 2014-2016. Today, Tiffany uses her gifts in various capacities, serving as the Director of Strategic Programs for Make the World Better Foundation (Philadelphia, PA), a project manager for JDT International Development and learning everything she can about real estate development. (Stay tuned for what’s next!)


Philadelphia, PA


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