Victoria Wright


For as long as I can remember, my environment has always mattered because it served as a place of respite which inspires play, focus, and innovation. It made sense that I would end up in the design community with formal training in interior design and architecture.

I was born in West Africa and grew up in Southern California where I spent most of my childhood and early adult life. Currently, I work at Arrowstreet and have been part of life science, K-12 academic, hospitality, and retail design teams, to mention a few. A conscientious designer and team player, my goal has always been to enhance the user experience of the build spaces within the projects I’m involved in. Design should inspire, it must be sensible with a keen interest toward the end user. I have enjoyed the process and the business of design, working with clients and design teams to address changing needs for projects while achieving project expectation. Most of all, I like people and enjoy collaboration especially when everyone comes with the mindset of teamwork for a shared interest.


Arlington, MA


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