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Lisa Cholmondeley

Architect, Principal, AIA, NOOMA, LEED BD+C, CDT | Leadership Board Member

I’m motivated by understanding what connects people in the built environment. There is an invisible bond between who we are, how we occupy space, and what space looks like. I’ve been grateful to have had the opportunity to work across four continents with diverse project teams. Diversity in people, culture, and places serve as reminders that we always have new ways to experience the world. I began my architectural career at Cornell University. After graduating, I worked in Washington, D.C then had incredible teaching opportunities in Knoxville and Washington DC. Following graduate School in London at the Architectural Association, I spent several years at a variety of firms across London before joining Gensler in 2008. While at Gensler I participated in a research program where I was able to work on an education project with our office in Sao Paulo. Previous to transferring to our San Francisco office, I was part of the Gensler team that delivered a 6 million square foot portion of a large mixed use development (Hospitality, Office, Retail, and Residential) in Qatar. I have delivered projects in the US, the UK, the Middle East, and Africa. I’ve spent almost half of my career working on interiors, but most recently have been focused on large scale, mixed-use commercial projects in the Bay Area. I believe the most powerful way to connect with people is by breaking bread. I am an avid traveler, and I always find myself joyfully inspired when I am outside of my comfort zone, exploring new cultures and places, forcing myself to navigate my surroundings in different ways.


San Francisco, California


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Lisa Cholmondeley